Ellingham and Kirby Cane photograph archive

Newgate: Gordon Read on bike. (Gordon Read)

Yarmouth Road looking south, showing thatched barn and the Mission Church (Joe Pye)

Corner of Mill Road and Yarmouth Road, showing the Memorial Hall, Kirby Row,village shop, Methodist Chapel and A143 road sign. (Joe Pye)

The Bungalow, Mill Road, village shop in background. (Joe Pye)

Yarmouth Road, Ellingham (old A143), showing The White Horse and telephone box. (Joe Pye)

Very deep snow in Church Road Ellingham (Sharon Raven)

Snow drifts over the Mettingham Road (Sharon Raven)

Map showing options for Kirby Cane/ Geldeston bypass (Geoff Stevens)

Kirby Cane/Geldeston By Pass, early excavations through Leet Hill farmland. (John Cook)

Route of Bypass across field near Sheep Walk (Carol Day)

Bypass cutting across Pewter Hill, Church Road, looking south towards Belle View, 1988 

(Carol Day) 

The rising ground either side of Church Road yielded Saxon Broaches, spearheads, a jewelled buckle and two swords as well as human bones, indicating a Saxon inhumation cemetery. Metal detecting over the spoil heaps of the excavations for the bypass yielded numerous finds covering many centuries: pottery sherds, a William 1st farthing, 16th century bronze book clasp, a Edward 1st penny, an 8gm gold fragment.

Route across Leet Hill Farm (John Cook)

Geldeston/Kirby Cane bypass looking west (Sharon Raven)

New Church Road junction (Sharon Raven)

Building the by pass: looking towards Ellingham West, before Yarmouth Road became a

 cul de sac and after Elva house and two cottages were demolished on the right.(Sharon Raven)

Elva House, demolished for bypass (Robin Lyne)

Demolition of Elva House for Geldeston/Kirby Cane Bypass. (Robin Lyne)

Demolition of Elva House (Sharon Raven)

Cottages demolished for bypass, from drive to Ellingham House. (Robin Lyne)

Cottages as above (Robin Lyne)

Rear of cottages demolished for bypass; Elva House to the right. (Robin Lyne)

Kirby Cane/Geldeston bypass; early Stages of construction looking towards Sheep Walk Farm

(Sharon Raven)

Rolls Royce heads cavalcade to open the bypass 12th April 1989 (Sharon Raven)

Opening ceremony of Bypass (Sharon Raven)

Billy Baldry cuts the ribbon to open the bypass. (Sharon Raven)

J.A.Alston C.B.E.Chairman of Norfolk County Council makes the opening speech. 12 April 1989.

(Sharon Raven)

Billy Baldry, being the oldest Kirby Cane resident cut the ribbon and was presented with a book of aerial views of Norfolk (Sharon Raven)

Cottages east of the old forge pre bypass. (Robin Lyne)

Hastings House opposite The Olive Tree (Robin Lyne)

Mill Road, looking East pre footpath. (Robin Lyne)

Mill Road; shop and Chapel.(From WI Scrapbook)

Mill Road looking north (Robin Lyne)

Construction of Ellingham /Broome Bypass (Eric Zeichner)

Construction of Ellingham/Broome bypass (Eric Zeichner)

Church Farm, Mill Lane Ellingham.