Ellingham and Kirby Cane Photographic Archive

This was a project set up by the Computer Club in 2004. Our first Archivist, Robin Richardson, invited the loan of residents' pictures for scanning and you didn't disappoint. On Robin's retirement Diana Wadley took over and the collection has now grown to well over 1300 images. Several public presentations and exhibitions have taken place over the years. 

New images and memories are being welcomed into the archive from far and wide. 

Below are the names of all who donated pictures so far.Their names appear in italics with their picture, in each section.

Carl Adams, Jack Adams, Ruth Aird, Pam Aldous, Geoff Appleton, Jo Archer, David Arterton, Nicky Aubury, Pamela and John Baker, Ian Bale, Molly Barber, Sue Bearne, Carolyn Britton, Sybil Bussingham, Stella Canham, Laurence Carr, Francis Chirola, Janet Clare, John Clarke, Bill Clutton, John Cook, Terry Coram, Rosemary Crisp, Carol Day, Nonie Doddington, Clive Drake, Chris and Karen East, Paul and Pat Farrow, Eris Feavyour, Margaret Gillies, Dave Gladwell, Jo Gooderham, Jean Green, Cherry Griffin,Sarah Hanlan, Andrew Harvey, Alma Harvey, Tim and Steve Harvey, Derek Hinsley, Inga Hinsley, Diana Burcham, Derek Hood, Carol Jacobs, Helen Kirby, Michelle Kirk, James Lawrence, Ronald Letheren, Robin Lyne, Mary Marchant, Sally Macnab, Gwennie Moore, Rosemary Morgan, Adrian Muttitt, Lorna Neale, Mike Page, Lyndon Pallette, Reg Parnel, Sharon Parravani,  Jonathan Peart, Valerie Peek, Gloria Powley, Joe and Holly Putman, Joe Pye, Brian Quantrill, Helen Rayment, Sharon Raven, Gordon Read, Tony Read, Robin and Julie Richardson, Annetta Saunders, Deanna Saunders, Henry Shipp Thelma Southgate, Beryl Simpson,   Roy Spall, Vaughan Smith,   Dorothy and Geoff Stevens, James Stacey, Irene Taylor, Robert Taylor, Mary Tipler, Val Tuthill, Diana Wadley, John Walker, Hannah Westgarth, Hilda Wickenden, Mike Wickenden, Jean Woods, Iain Wright, Eric Zeichner.

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